Fibershield 4

Integrity only (-/240/-) large span & high pressure fire curtain


Technical + Downloads

Fibershield 4 provides a Fire Resistance Level of -/240/- when tested in accordance with AS1530.4. As with all Fibershield fire curtains, it offers a long span, single compact head box and coil to truly maximise open plan designs. This system is backed by extensive testing above and beyond the basic fire test.

Approved for openings up to 12m wide. Fibershield 4 is a premium product, far outperforming any other. The system is also the largest 4 hour fire resistant system available, and the only system tested and proven to resist high pressures experienced in buildings with mechanical smoke control or extraction systems.

  • Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4
  • Fire and Smoke Rated -/240/-
  • Approved for openings up to 12m wide
  • Also complies with EN12101.1 Smoke Curtains