Colt Firelite DUO


Technical + Downloads

Firelight Duo is a natural ventilator providing automatic smoke ventilation and day-to-day ventilation. Natural daylight can enter through its flaps. It has been tested to EN 12101-2.

It is manufactured completely from high quality components. Its principal component is corrosionresistant and durable aluminium. There are multi-level, weather-resistant EPDM and TPE seals installed right round. These ensure ultra-low air permeability

  • Available from 1000 x 1000 mm up to a maximum width x length of 2500 x 3000 mm in mm increments.
  • A wide range of colours
  • Can be used as an exhaust ventilator
  • Release either thermally / automatically (68°C, 93°C, 141°C), via a wind/rain sensor and/or manually via a control box
  • Ambient temperature: T (-15)
  • Wind load: up to WL 9440
  • Snow load: up to SL 6941
  • Acoustic performance: up to 49 dB
  • RE 1000 + 10,000 for day-to-day ventilation