Colt SiteGuard


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The purpose of a SiteGuard safety guard is to prevent a person from falling through a natural ventilator.

In industrial, commercial and public buildings, where natural ventilators have been or will be installed, a SiteGuard prevents a person from falling through such a ventilator, e.g. during the course of maintenance or when snow has to be removed from the roof in winter, etc.

  • Strong: The 300 J SiteGuard has been tested in accordance with the GS-Bau 18 (as of February 2001) standard.
  • Safe: SiteGuard prevents a person falling through a guard.
  • Simple installation: The various kinds of SiteGuards can easily and quickly installed.
  • Aerodynamic performance unaffected: The design of the guard means that a SiteGuard has no negative impact on the aerodynamic performance of the natural ventilator installed above it.