Colt Weatherlite


Technical + Downloads

A Weatherlite ventilated upstand is fitted under a roof-mounted natural ventilator to provide weathered extract ventilation through two controllable side dampers irrespective of the weather.

Weatherlite is made from lightweight aluminium. Aerodynamically formed flaps are integrated into the device and open after closing the ventilator on top of it and thus allow ventilation to continue to operate even in rainfall.

  • Highly efficient ventilation whatever the weather
  • Night-time cooling
  • Smoke ventilation (via a vent placed on the top of the upstand)
  • Suitable for both new and refurbished buildings
  • Tests have confirmed that Weatherlite in no way affects the performance of the ventilator placed above it as assessed according to the EN12101-2 standard
  • Weatherlite (including its dampers) can be fitted with insulated panels to reduce heat losses.