Colt Airlite


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High performance natural louvred ventilator – for natural day to day ventilation and smoke control.

The Airlite ventilator provides exceptionally high insulation and low air leakage as well as excellent aerodynamic and acoustic properties. It can provide both inlet and extract ventilation as well as allow the entry of natural daylight. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings, and conforms with EN 12101-2.

Its features and benefits are described overleaf.

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Certified according to EN 12101-2
  • Integratedmoveable Wind baffe (not visible when closed)
  • Save energy consumption with the 230 Volt Motor. Open or close in only 10 seconds!
  • Flat design Only 150mm high when closed Sound attenuation up to 30db
  • Fall-through proof in closed position tested up to 1200J