Visioneering® Butt-Jointed Systems

Deemed-to-Satisfy, Frameless Glazing System


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Our Visioneering butt-jointed systems offer less visual impact when compared to framed fire resistant glass.
This is a Deemed-to-Satisfy system and it can be used in lieu of any masonry, concrete or plasterboard wall where fire integrity and insulation rating is required. It may also be used as an alternative solution where reduced Fire Resistance Levels are suitable. Various FRLs are available depending on your application. All products in the Visioneering butt-jointed systems range are certified Australian Made and Owned.

  • Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4
  • Fire tested butt jointed corner details
  • Clear, break resistant Class A safety glass
  • Perimeter framing consists of a slimline steel profile which can be powder coated in any colour, or concealed into the building fabric


For your safety, Smoke Control does not substitute well respected and quality glass for no name products. Visioneering® systems are clearly labelled with the brand, fire rating and safety glass test methods.

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