Improving Fire Safety In Existing Residential Buildings

In existing multistorey apartment buildings, it can be challenging, invasive and costly to improve fire safety. As a result, property asset owners and managers look for solutions that can be easily integrated into the building’s existing design and structure. Also, they look for and get rid of the fire hazards through inspection and better building management.

Building management and housekeeping

One of the first steps is clearing the escape routes. This is for quick and easy evacuation for the occupants in case there’s a fire. It’s important to clear the routes (including stairs and corridors) because aside from blocking the routes, the obstructions and objects can also further fuel the fire.

A related housekeeping measure is removing or minimising the amount of combustible materials in the building. Outside trash and household rubbish should not be touching the building’s exterior walls. The rationale here is that if there’s no material for fire, we make the disaster impossible in the first place.

It’s also important to ensure electrical safety. Small and brief electrical sparks are enough to ignite combustible materials. To prevent that, it’s good to let a professional electrician inspect the power board, wiring and other electrical components. This is good not just for electrical safety, but also helping ensure the reliability of the electrical supply into and within the building.

Installing fire and smoke control systems

To further improve fire safety in the building, there are also available modern and practical systems that can be readily installed even in existing structures. For example, modern fire shutters can be quickly installed and immediately improve the fire safety in the building (and let occupants gain added peace of mind).

It’s what we always accomplish here at Smoke Control with our products and installations. With our commitment to fire control and safety (while still meeting client specifications), property asset owners and property asset managers gain full confidence about their buildings through our full life cycle service (design, supply, install, maintain). We ensure the performance of our products through testing and continuous research and development. Phone us today at 1300 665 471 and let’s discuss your specific requirements.